Tie Dye T shirt. Choose a design and your colors and you dye the shirt yourself. The shirt is provided. 2 years old and up. $15/per person.

​Coin Banks. Choose a coin bank to paint with acrylic paint. 3 years old and up. $13/person.

Flower Pots. Hand prints or even foot prints are put on the flower pot if desired. The artist can also use a brush to paint the flower pot. Prices range from $10-$16 per person depending on the size of the flower pot. 

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Canvas paintings. Please note, canvases are available on a walk-in basis but there will be minimal guidance (on a walk-in basis this is not a guided painting). We have 3 different size canvases to choose from: 8x10 ($12/ea), 11x14 ($18/ea), 16x20 ($30/ea).

Wax hands. $8.00 for a single hand or $15.00 for holding hands. 2 colors are included in the price. You can add more colors, splatter or glitter at an additional cost. We can make the hands solid too, filled single hand $15.00 or $20.00 for holding hands. 

String Art. We have some patterns to choose from or make a design of your own. Hammer the nails in and pick your string. 12 x 12 $18.00. Please note this is a time consuming project, plan for at least an hour (depending on how intricate the design is). 

These projects are available as mobile parties. Please note we probably will not be doing wax hands unless its a special event or a party of 30 or more (contact us for more information and large group rates). Or a combined project party that totals a minimum of $200 or more. 

Foil embossing. Make a random design or your name, the options are limitless! Color your pattern. There are 3 sizes to choose from 6 x 12 ($12), 12 x 12 ($18) or 12 x 24 ($25).